Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Change

Still rumors of a December 8 cut off. And some agencies are expecting packages today, but don't know what's in them. I really hope referrals come before the weekend for the sake of the December families. They are on pins and needles right now. I'll keep you guys posted if there is any change.


Anonymous said...

I have read in your presentation that you are expecting a daughter from China. How can you be so sure it is a girl? My agency has had 50% boy referrals the last few months.
How will you react if the long awaited child is a boy?

Jen Talley said...

Hello anonymous,

Wish you would have left your name at least, but here goes...We requested a girl 18 months or younger. I know there have been boys referred, but most of the time they are referred to families that requested either sex. Of course there are those who request a girl and are referred a boy and if that were the case for us, we would gladly and excitedly accept that referral. We know that there are no guarantees. But the fact is there are more girls available than boys and so naturally we think we will be referred a daughter. Hope that answers your question and please let us know who you are next time you post.:)

Linda said...

Sorry about the left out name. I'm Linda, mother of a girl from China. I posted the same question by mistake in an old post of yours, and forgot to write the name when I posted it again in a more recent post. Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

Where I live we can not choose if we want a girl or a boy and I always get so surprised when I hear about people who request a girl or a boy. A pregnant woman wouldn't be able to choose the gender of the child so I find it hard to realize why we who adopt would be, any child should be as welcome. I am glad that you write that you will welcome a boy if you are referred one.
Here is why I don't think anyone should get to request a girl or a boy: When requesting a girl you might get a boy and if you do get a boy you maybe one day have a son who ask you if he wasn't a wanted child. If he finds out his parents actively asked for a daughter and got a son I am afraid he will hurt.

Anyway: Good luck on your referral! It can't be long now before you se your new child. We waited about 20 months before we got the call. We have had our daughter for about 4 months now. It has been a wonderful time!

Jen Talley said...

Hi Linda

Thank you for letting us know where you are. You have a good point and the only thing I can tell you is that Jesus has all the answers. When our child is old enough to understand and ask questions about how they came to our familiy, I have to believe that the Lord will lead us in how to explain these things. As for the requesting a boy or a girl we've always felt that we had a daughter out there. I have two sons and one daughter already and all are a joy. I would absolutley flip out with excitement if we were referred a son and would admit that we don't always know what's best for our familiy. God has the bigger picture. If he thinks a little Samuel will suit our family better, I will be thrilled!!!