Sunday, November 4, 2007

The 8th is in!!!! We're Next!!!

Ok....All they have to do next month is December 9th(a Friday) and then jump the weekend to December 12th(a Monday). There were no families logged in over the weekend. So I really think it's safe to say we're on deck.


SISSY (AMJ) said...

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...I'm about to loose control!!!!!!!! We're comin' to get ya' little Mei Mei! Yippie!

Emily said...

Hey Talleys!! SO SO excited for you and can;t wait to meet the baby girl!!! I've started working for TOD so I'll be doing you post placement reports!!! Congrats on saying you are NEXT!!

Kerry said...

Hi Jen,
Hope that you are hanging in there too. Getting so excited and can't wait for us to see our babies. NEXT is a great feeling.
Kerry M (fellow dec 12er :)

prechrswife said...

How awesome is that feeling?!? We had the same situation with our LID--when the time came, we knew we were next... I can't wait until we all can see little Mei's precious face! Soon...very soon...

Shawnstribe said...

thanks for popping by
I will pray that your referral comes very soon, hopefully the end of Nov.
I cant wait to see my babys face

Tracy said...

Ok, I'm totallly excited...Yipppeee! This is going to be so awesome... A Dark Headed Talley who will look NOTHING like her father..Just kiddin' mike! Love you guys!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Aren't you just busting!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet you in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw your comment on my blog, I can't imagine leaving you boys for that long either. Madison, our 7 year old, is going to come with Vince for a week. He can't get off work for the whole time. Luckily, my parents are going too so I won't be alone in China with Zoey for that other week. Counting down the days til referral!
Amanda B.