Monday, November 12, 2007

A Daunting Task

I have been collecting travel supplies for our trip for a while now and just today got our luggage. We decided to get rolling duffle bags. I bought some with a separate compartment in the bottom for shoes and other things. I've started printing out my packing lists and checking off things I already have. Most things we can get over there at the local stores, but we have to take all of our medicines with us. So trying to think of anything we might need is a bit daunting. I'm so afraid we'll forget something important.

We are going to try to fit everything for Mike, me, and the baby into two 30" duffles. We are taking two carry on bags(a backpack and a computer case). I think we can do it, but it will take a few tries at geting it in. This is where I need the help of my ultra organized friends(Ahem.... Mom, Aimee,and Joanna). I'm definitely going to need to be creative.


Courtney said...

I've heard that the packmates are essential for craming all that stuff into our luggage! We'll see!

Jen Talley said...

I've got some packmates and definitely will use them. I don't want to over pack, yet I'm worried we'll forget something important.

prechrswife said...

That's exactly what we had luggage-wise. It is doable. Use lots of ziplocs. I even packed baby clothes in gallon ziploc bags. I packed our clothes in the really big ziplocs, but packmates will do the same thing--probably better. Take everything out of boxes and just take the bottles/containers. Just make sure to take the dosage instructions with you. Dr. Evans went through the OTC meds list with us and wrote down dosages for everything using Mary Joyce's estimated weight. We laminated that and took it with us. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. :-)

By the way, don't be surprised if you end up pulling everything out and re-packing after your referral arrives. I did.


Jen Talley said...

Thanks Dusty,

I remembered you guys had the duffles bags,but I thought they were bigger than ours. It's good to know everything can fit in. Good idea about laminating the dosages for meds. Please chime in if you think of anything else.

Aimee said...

My wheels are just a turnin' Love ya!

Kerry said...

Just be careful about weight limits. I used last time and intend to use again the packmates- but they are strict about weight limits on international flights and once in China. We just returned from Vegas and I was close to overage even for a long weekend! UGG. Most of our travel families paid big fees the first time due to overages- so it is nice to have fewer bags but not nice to be hit into the hundreds with fees.
Kerry Malinger