Friday, July 13, 2007

Nathan Then and Now

Nathan Anderson Talley was born July 13, 2000. He is the older brother of Charlie and Madi and soon to be Mei. Nathan is a joy to everyone around him. He loves to make new friends and has a genuine love for other children. Nathan is our rule follower. He makes sure that everyone else around him understands the rules and why they are there. My favorite thing about Nathan is his amazing faith in Jesus. He knows that Jesus can do anything and believes that Jesus will come through for him. His dream is to one day see a blind man healed. And I believe he will see that happen. Happy Birthday Nathan.

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Karen said...

Jen - Nathan is such a sweetie! I love his baby picture. He has such a sweet, gentle, and patient spirit. Nathan is a terrific big brother, I can't wait to see him dote on Mei!