Monday, July 23, 2007

Babysitting Part II

I know I was supposed to post yesterday, but frankly I was just too darn tired. Sunday Morning.....well let's back up to Saturday night. The 9 and 8 year old were in their beds and the 4 and 18 month old were in their beds. Now where to put mine. Three rooms left were the oldest girls, the oldest boys and the master bedroom. So I put Nathan and Charlie in the boy room. And Madi on the master bedroom floor. I left the girl room alone. Too pretty for a 3 year old to sleep in. Ok so everyone is in bed and about 10 minutes go by and Charlie comes out and says, " Daddy I don't like that Moose." Turns out the Moose was a Deer head mounted on the wall. So daddy removed the deer mount and all was well. My kids did not sleep well...Charlie was up once and Madi was very restless on the floor. So Mike and I really didn't rest well either. The 4 year old was up very early at 6:30. So of course everyone decided to get up. Sunday morning getting ready was nuts. Really not much more to say but kids were everywhere and I barely ahd enough time to get myself ready.

The family left us their twelve passenger van so we could get everyone to church. It was very useful and roomy. So off to church we go. And really they did great!! I just think Mike and I were a little over worried that things would get out of hand. Mike had to work the overhead transparancy for worship while I kept an eye on the kids. I guess at some oint I looked a little frazzled so he looked across the room and motioned for us to switch. So as descreatly as possible we switched roles. As I passed him he tagged my hand like in wrestling. Too funny.

So we are very tired today, but things couldn't have gone better. The kids were great and we have alot of fun memories.

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