Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trip Itinerary

Adam, our facilitator, sent us our itinereary this afternoon.....

January 19-leave for China
January 20-arrive in Beijing
January 21-tour Beijing
January 22-leave for Nanchang
January 23-Mei Day!!!!!
January 24,25-free days(shopping)
January 26-Orphanage visit
January 27-free day(more shopping)
January 28-sightseeing
January 29-obtain legal docs.
January 30-leave for Guangzhou/medical exam
January 31-Consulate Appointment
February 1-free day(and more shopping)
February 2-leave for Atlanta
February 3-leave for Albany


prechrswife said...

Isn't it good to finally have that in front of you? BTW, I love "Mei Day." Her name just fits that, doesn't it?

Courtney said...

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in Beijing!

Tracy said...

Absolutely excited for you guys! Will be praying for you each and every day. Your family at Christian Covenant will be in prayer too...can't wait to see MEI!!! (and squeeze and kiss those precious cheeks!) Love you!