Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Referral Rumor Of The Month

I've decided to post any and every referral rumor I read about. So here is the first one. I read it last night and about had a heart attack....but remember early rumors are almost always wrong.

"A few days ago we emailed our SW to see where things are at and today she responded. Occording to her source they have made it to 12/10/05. She doesn't know if they will get any further but she does believe that the 10th is in. I don't know who her source is or how accurate this information is but here it is it was given to us."

The thing is 12-10-05 is a Saturday and CCAA has never had a weekend cut-off day. So my theory is if this rumor is true, then surely they could push to get through the 12th(our LID and a Monday). That's what I hope anyway. I like to think of this time of the month as a roller coaster. And right now the track is taking us up, up, up!!! So hold on tight!!!!


prechrswife said...

Riding that roller coaster with you...(and I don't even like roller coasters. :-) )


Courtney said...

It's going to be an interesting ride come the first week of November....