Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Time with Sister

My sister lives about an hour away from me. And although that's not too far away, we still manage to not see each other very often. So when she announced she was coming in this weekend, I was thrilled. She has four beautiful children and combined with my three we always have a grand time. Chaos is the word. Kids,toys, and noise. And I love every minute of it. So here is a picture of my little sister and me. She's an awesome mom and an incredible wife to her husband. And she has an amazing ability of making anyone feel welcome in her presence. She never meets a stranger. I think she's great and I miss her being closer.


Anonymous said...

You are too, too kind. I love you and think of you more often than you know. XOXO- Aimee

Aimee said...

Anonymous?? What? Anyway forgot to say, thank you for not using the Jay Leno photo...or did you?

Jen Talley said...

No Jay Leno photo here. I'm saving it for an appropriate moment.