Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Sweet Girl

Madilyn Brooke Talley was born via C-section on June 14, 2004. I was so excited that morning as I have been with all my children's birthdays. And this particular morning I would get to see my first daughter. I actually thought she was my last too. I had my tubes tied that same day also. But as you can tell from this blog, God had other plans for us. :)

My first reaction to Madi being born was..."Praise Jesus she's crying and sounds healthy". I usually only get a quick kiss and they sweep them off so I can go to recovery. My husband, I noticed, seemed more quiet than usual and then he leaned over kissed my head and said, "She has a clubbed foot. Everything will be fine." And he left with the nurses and Madi.

I can't even describe the heartache I felt. Was she ok? Was there anything else wrong with her? I cried from the time he left, all through the one-hour recovery room, and was still upset when they wheeled me into my hospital room. My sister went down to the nursery and insisted they bring Madi to see me right then. I needed to see that she was all right. And she was. She was perfect. I looked at her foot and winced. How in the world would she walk? Her foot looked like it was on sideways. The inside of her foot was touching the inside of her leg.

And so began casts and surgery and bar shoes. Sleepless nights. Ruined socks. Leg cramps. Leg spasms. Sleepless nights.

And now she's three and running and out of her shoes and no more casts. She won't ever remember what she had to endure that first year, but I will. And now Madi at three is my sweetie. She is my shadow. She loves her big brothers and mothers them. She adores her Daddy. She loves to sing and dance. She loves wide-open spaces. She can out run any three year old. I've never seen a child so fast. Her smile and laugh can light up a room. She is my hero.

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Karen said...

Hi Jen - I didn't know you had a blog! I love the picture of Madison in the pool. She is such a sweetie!

Karen (from China Peaches)