Friday, March 23, 2007

Madi's Rough Day

So anyway…Madi fell off the recliner on Tuesday. Our guess is she was playing “horsey” on the arm of the chair and fell off. She cried and favored her arm a bit that day, but by that afternoon, she was fine. We went to ball practice and while at practice, she fell running to me. She started crying and holding the same arm.
I took her to the emergency room to get her checked out. After three hours of waiting, I came back home. Let's just say "FAST TRACK" is a bunch of HUEY. Madi was running and jumping and using her arm and was generally acting like she was in tiptop shape. All day Wednesday she was fine. She played and ran and acted like herself. So, we figured she must have jammed/sprained her wrist or something.
Well today Madi tripped and fell and was holding her arm again. This time I took her to the Urgent Care place. An X-ray confirmed a broken bone in her arm. It was not bad. So I then took her to the Orthopedic Dr to have the pretty pink cast put on. What a day!!

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